The Te Awa Collection

The Te Awa Collection

A sense of exploration runs deep in the Te Awa Collection, just like the ancient Ngaruroro River winds its way through the Gimblett Gravels, always seeking a different path. A life source to the vineyards, the natural elements combine with winemaking, stories and history to weave together Left Field, Te Awa Single Estate and Kidnapper Cliffs wines.

Richard Painter and his dog Richard Painter and his dog

Winemaking team

Winemakers Richard Painter and Ant Mackenzie make up the talented team responsible for crafting the Te Awa Collection wines.

Richard Painter has worked in a number of different wine regions around New Zealand as well as the USA, where his love for full-bodied reds began. Ant’s career began over 20 years ago, with his passion taking him across the globe, previously having worked as Chief Winemaker at Spy Valley, one of New Zealand's most respected wineries. 


John van der Linden has developed a wealth of viticultural experience having grown up on a vineyard, as well as having owned and managed his own vineyards and lectured in Viticulture.

Since 1987, John has worked as a Viticulturist in both Hawkes Bay and Marlborough. He is a fervent believer grape growing must leave a delicate footprint on the land and is committed to sustainability. John’s enjoys keeping fit, playing guitar, listening to music, Hi Fi, technology, design and watching sport.

Ant Mackenzie and his dog inside the Te Awa Winery Ant Mackenzie and his dog inside the Te Awa Winery

Te Awa o Te Atua The River of God


Te Awa o Te Atua, The river of God — a reference to the mysterious subterranean streams over which the vineyards are situated and from which the wines draw their exquisite, yet subtle characteristics. The quality comes from the free draining soil which consistently produces high quality fruit.

Walking the vineyard at Te Awa Winery you will see the vines planted in alluvial soils, typical of the area. The single estate is made up of 151 hectares, 100 of which are planted in vines. Te Awa vineyard soils are the trails of the old Ngaruroro River which meandered through the region until a huge flood changed its course in 1867.

Te Awa Collection
Hawkes Bay Vineyard
Kidnapper Cliffs
Te Awa Vineyard


The Te Awa site was traditionally used for sheep grazing and other agricultural endeavors, but was built into a leading winery due to its unique soil consistency. Warm temperatures, low rainfall and the permeability of the soils creates an almost paradoxical blend of consistency and complexity. The region has produced some of New Zealand's most sought after Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Chardonnay.

Gimblett Gravels

Kidnapper Cliffs, Te Awa Single Estate and Left Field all share deep roots within the Te Awa site. Te Awa occupies a prime position in the Gimblett Gravels Wine Growing District, one of the premium Hawkes Bay wine growing sites. This district is determined by the gravelly soils laid down by the old Ngaruroro River, which were exposed after a huge flood in the 1860's.